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Home to over 12 local merchants, the GOLDRUSH CENTER is Southern Oregon's largest Art Gallery. You will want to spend the entire day with us. This truly unique building has something for everyone. Centrally located in Gold Beach, the GOLDRUSH CENTER hosts many events, including art shows, educational events, and community gatherings. The broad elaborately decorated hallways offer world class bronze, stone and wood sculptures. Lining all the indoor corridors you'll find incredible world class paintings that might only be found in places like New York, Scottsdale, Palm Springs or Naples Florida. You can spend the entire day "visually feasting" on the incredible talent and craftsmanship. Regardless of what the weather is like, once you step through these historical doors, you'll enter a unique world that is truly an escape.  
















The GOLDRUSH CENTER started ou as a School that opened in 1936. It was closed in 1990. Spanning some 54 years, the School educated over 10,000 children. Much of the original school features have been incorporated into the newly remodeled facility.


















World Class artist's display beautiful pieces of work typical fo the finest talented minds and skilled hands found anywhere in the world.

















Completely remodeled to take advantage of all the latest in technology. Each Gallery has its own unique qualities to best display pieces in their most natural and appropriate setting.



When you enter the RADIANT HEALTH SPA you will immediately feel a warmth that goes beyond a massage. Our spa incorporates skills and

 techniques that are drawn from all corners of the world. These health techniques have survived the test of centuries.












GoldRush Center
29692 Ellensburg Ave.
Gold Beach, OR. 97444