Gold Beach offers World class fishing year round!!

The restricted Ocean recreational salmon fishing will have no effect on the Rogue River.  Consequently, salmon fishing at the mouth of the Rogue may be improved as a result.  And there's ocean fishing for lots of other fish!

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Anyone can toss out a line on a sunny summer day, but winter brings out the real anglers, especially for steelhead -one of the sport's great challenges.


December through March is one of the locals' favorite times of the year, because Gold Beach typically has multiple days of sunshine and mild weather.  Steelhead fishing reaches its peak in February, with opportunities to cast in as many as five rivers within a five-minute to one-hour drive from the center of town.

Steelhead are sea-run rainbow trout that range in size up to 20 pounds; average is 4 to 8 pounds.  You can fish in a variety of ways depending on the river and conditions, and can cover up to 12 miles of river a day.  How does a covered, heated 21-foot powerboat sound?  Or an open drift boat with heater?  These vessels carry two to four people, depending on conditions and fishing method; guides, boats, licenses and tackle are available in Gold Beach.

If you don't want to drift up, you can drive upstream; locals can point out public river access spots for good fishing.

Now the Ocean is a different kettle of fish altogether - lingcod and rockfish at this time of year.  And Gold Beach offers the best ocean bottom fishing opportunities on the Oregon Coast.  It's done just a few miles offshore in 40 to 125 feet of water, with great catches of excellent-eating seafood.  If you're looking to charter a boat in the winter, it's best to call ahead (see fishing search below), because weather definitely affects accessibility for safety reasons, current conditions and anglers' preferences.  Ocean charters can be arranged for parties of two or more.  For more fishing information visit .

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Fishing Calendar:

December-March:  Winter steelehead travel up the Rogue this time of year.  Good eating and great fighters!

March-June:  Spring chinook (or king) salmon are caught between Gold Beach and Agness (2 to 35 miles upriver).  Similar to fall chinook, these "springers" are in peak physical condition as they leave the cold waters of the Pacific and come into the Rogue system in search of their spawning grounds.  Known for their mouth-watering flavor, spring chinook range in size from 10 to 40+ pounds.

July-December:  Troll (fishermalk for putting around in a boat with a line or two out) the Rogue River Bay for Chinook salmon which, once hooked, give even the most experienced angler a challenging fight.  These fine fish also range from 10-40+ pounds.  In fact, one fish weighing over 70 pounds was landed by a Grants Pass Fisherman several years ago.  Summer steelhead (or half-pounders) also provide excellent fishing during these months.

September-December:  This time of year you'll catch coho (silver) salmon and, of course, the fun-to-hook summer steelies.  Silvers range in size from five to 15 pounds and steelhead from 3/4 pound to two pounds.  Nothing's more fun than fighting these fish on light tackle, especially a fly rod.  Many fishermen catch and release these beauties, allowing them to live and fight another day.


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