South Beaches


Panorama of Beach 

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South Jetty:

Starting at the South Jetty of the Rogue River, this beach continues South to Hunter Creek for about 2 miles. This beach is easily accessible by taking Airport Drive, and follow one of the many trails, or small sandy driveways leading almost right to the surf. By far, this is the closest beach, and probably the easiest to access. You can see Mt.Humbug in the north, to Cape Sebastian to the south.


































Kissing Rock:

Just South of Hunter Creek, you will see a large rock just off Hwy 101. For some reason, this rock was dubbed "Kissing Rock". Park in the lot, and drop down over the sandy trail, and you're on the beach. This beach goes from  Hunter Creek, to almost Cape Sebastian and is about 3.25 miles long. This beach can be somewhat difficult to get to, as the trail is built on sand dunes.














Meyer's Creek:

Just South of Cape Sebastion, is the Meyer's Creek Beach. This is perhaps the most beautiful beach on the entire west coast. About 3 miles in length, it is the most photographed beach in all of Oregon. This beach is accessed by marked trails at each of the viewpoints along Hwy 101. As the beach is very flat, during low tides, the beach triples in size.











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