Gold Beach Fitness Center

P.O. Box 80

Gold Beach, OR. 97444

Phone: 541-247-2828

Fax:      541-247-6966



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What ever your needs are, the Gold Beach Fitness Center has it all available to you.  A complete line of the finest equipment combined with knowledgeble trainers and nutrition experts to help you reach your potential in health and fitness.






From the time you enter the fitness center you know that you are in the right place.  You will be met by our friendly office staff to greet you and to introduce you to a new and exciting dimension to your life. 







The Fitness Center Office is located on the first floor of the GoldRush Center building.  Easy access and parking is found right on highway 101 or in the main parking lot located on the back of the building. 





Key card access is granted to qualified members 24 hours per day 7 days per week.   In addition to the Key Card, security is enhanced by secruity cameras located throughout the facilty.





Four Fitness Areas

Four distinct areas are provided at the fitness center.  Individuals and groups with different needs are able to develop there skills in the most appropriate surroundings. 


                                                     I.    Cardio Room


Located in the center of the Fitness Center is the Cardio Room.  A rowing machine and Smith machine, along with 5 treadmills, an elliptical trainer, and recumbent bike give you choices to customize your workout. Full muscle and body cardiovascular exercise can be accomplished in our facility.  Whether it is hot or cold outdoors, you can reach your needed daily circulatory workout in our safe and effective Cardio Room.  A Large flat Screen monitor is available for cable TV during your workout.


                                                                        II.  Weight Room


In the Weight Room, Safe and supurb quality Vectra gym equipment is provided to help you develop your muscle strength and burn calories.  Strengthening complimentary muscle groups can surround areas such as low back weakness areas to reduce the chances of injuries. Enhanced endurance for other athletic activities will be the result of a good daily workout in the Fitness Weight Room.










Our state of the art equipment allows four members to weight train simultaneously.

Free weights with Olympic equipment complete your options in this co-ed space.









III. Circuit Workout




The Circuit Workout is an area with equipment designed for light duty exercise.  The circuit is layed out in a programed pattern to provide a consistent but effective light duty 30 minute workout.  This area is designed to provide an atmosphere that brings a  center to your life.  Strength of both mind and body are  emphasized here.









IV.  Dance, Aerobic & Yoga Room







This multipurpose room is designed for an assortment of different activities.  The floor is designed to reduce joint and muscle impact. 













 Shower & Locker Rooms






The beautiful locker/shower rooms make it easy to workout before work or any time convenient for your busy day.
















                For more information call:   541-247-2828